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Antivirus software is crucial for digital security. It protects against threats like viruses, spyware, and ransomware that can damage your system or steal sensitive information. It also offers safe web browsing and personal data protection. Despite not being foolproof, it’s a significant layer of digital protection

As a Microsoft Partner, We essentially a part of a company that leverages Microsoft’s resources to build our business around their technologies. We’re all about offering our technical expertise and innovative solutions to help businesses transform and grow.

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Avast offers excellent overall protection against online threats. It not only scans your devices but also inspects your online network, protects your webcam, and blocks suspicious activities and downloads

  • Avast Cloud Backup — $49.99/year
  • Avast Essential Business Security  — $69.99/Year
  • Avast Patch Management — $89.99/Year
  • Avast Premium Business Security — $99.99/Year
  • Avast Premium Remote Control — $109.99/Year
  • Avast Ultimate Business Security — $129.99/Year

Kaspersky AntiVirus, developed by Kaspersky Lab, is a software that offers real-time protection against various types of malware. It constantly monitors your computer for suspicious activity and effectively prevents attacks. It’s an essential tool for your computer’s security.

  • Kaspersky Standard — $49.99/Year
  • Kaspersky Anti-virus  — $69.99/Year

Norton AntiVirus, developed by Symantec, is a software that provides real-time protection against malware. It constantly scans your computer for threats while you browse the internet, download files, and open emails. It’s a crucial part of your computer’s security strategy.

  • Norton 360 — $99.99/Year
  • Norton 360 Premium — $149.99/Year
  • Norton 360 Standard — $169.99/Year
  • Norton Anti-virus — $179.99/Year

Bitdefender is a Romanian company specializing in cybersecurity products and services. It’s known for its effective and user-friendly security solutions used by businesses and consumers worldwide.

  • Bitdefender Security — 79.99/Year

  • Bitdefender Cyber Security — 99.99/Year

ESET is a Slovak cybersecurity company founded in 1992. They offer security products for various devices and are recognized as one of Europe’s largest privately held cybersecurity companies.

    ESET Smart Security Premium – $69.99/Year
    ESET Internet Security – $59.99/Year
    ESET NOD32 Antivirus – $49.99/Year
  • ESET Mobile Security
    for Android – $29.99/Year
  • ESET Parental Control
    for Android – $34.99/Year
  • ESET Cloud Security – $149.99/Year
  • ESET Protect Mail Plus – $169.99/Year

Antivirus software is an important tool for maintaining computer security, it’s not a silver bullet. It’s also important to keep your software and operating system up-to-date, avoid suspicious downloads, and use secure, unique passwords for your online accounts.

Protection from Viruses and Malware

Antivirus software is designed to detect, prevent, and remove malicious software on your device. This includes viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware, and spyware.

Safe Web Browsing

Many antivirus solutions include features that warn you when you’re about to visit a potentially harmful website, download a suspicious file, or open a malicious email attachment.

Identity and Privacy Protection

Antivirus software often includes features that help protect your personal information online. This is increasingly important in an era where cybercriminals are constantly trying to steal personal data and use it for malicious purposes.


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